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BEFORE... here's where I started

CAMPING summer 2007. We call this photo "The Tick"








My daughter drew this for me when I started my weight loss journey on 2/10/08. This is just half of a two-part motivational artwork.













Fat mom becomes.... THIN MOM.  "Little - yay! Mom can stop her diet!" 

I have a great cheerleading squad! 








DURING... This is a progress chart marking my weight each week over the past year. (Looks something like the stock market lately.)

 AFTER... thank you Weight Watchers®! 

Here's a family photo to be proud of!  (December 2008)



















This is my 100 pounds lost photo on 2/9/09.  I still had 30 pounds to go but had come a long way. As of 2/9/10 I'm down 24 more with 6 to go.




8/21/10: Found an old pair of size 24 pants today. I never wore them because they were too small.